Vehicle Maintenance

Making exactly the right repair at exactly the right time can be the difference between maximum productivity and workflow breakdowns. But tracking and preventing crucial mechanical issues isn't easy when you have dozens, hundreds or even thousands of vehicles to maintain.


Vehicle Maintenance

Are your vehicles high-maintenance and costing you precious dollars?


If you deal with fleets, you deal with fleet maintenance issues. Worn brakes, dirty oil, uneven tires—the list goes on. It can be tough to track which assets are due—or critically overdue—for repairs. You can’t afford to lose a vehicle to preventable problems. On the other hand, you don’t want to sink money into maintenance that’s not necessary.

Too many managers today rely on time-consuming paper-based maintenance systems to protect their fleet’s value, lengthen its life span and decrease its cost of ownership. They don’t know there’s a better way.

The Solutions

CalAmp's precise, technological approach to vehicle maintenance management helps you prevent breakdowns, avoid over-maintenance and free up time for important tasks, increasing revenue and improving customer satisfaction in the process.


With our innovative, easy-to-use and powerful maintenance automation tool, you can create custom preventive maintenance schedules for groups of vehicles or individual assets. Calibrated to elapsed mileage (GPS odometer), calendar days or engine hours, our vehicle telematics automatically send alerts to an at-a-glance vehicle maintenance dashboard when assets are due—or past due—for a tune-up.

Our insightful telematics can decrease the cost of ownership too. By checking diagnostic trouble codes, managers can get insight into potential mechanical issues before problems strand drivers, demand costly repairs, impact customer schedules or lead to replacement. And by knowing exactly what your vehicles need—and when they need it—you can completely eliminate over-maintenance.

CalAmp’s remote data capture solutions replace the time-consuming paperwork typically done to track maintenance needs. They also make it as easy as two clicks to update a vehicle’s status after maintenance is performed, resetting its service interval automatically. Plus, upper management can access the intuitive dashboard for a clear view of locations that are not fulfilling their maintenance responsibilities.