Whether it’s for personnel at worksites or for the general public, safety doesn’t just affect the bottom line—it is the bottom line.


The Challenge

With so many devices and solutions clamoring to cover safety needs, how do you know which ones are most robust, reliable and offer the best value?


The cost of a safety compromise is simply too high, from any perspective. Human life and health are priceless. But even a relatively minor mishap can have radiating repercussions—work slowdown or stoppage, additional regulatory or other oversight requiring extra resources and changes to insurance or other spending.

Today’s businesses involve diverse and remote locations and are more dependent on transportation and logistics than ever before. The increasing use of vehicle resources has raised the stakes on an already high-risk profile. Then there are critical operations such as police, fire and utilities, which can be fast-moving and high-hazard by nature.

Specialized, intelligent safety protection solutions are the answer—no exceptions.

The SolutionsSpecialized, intelligent safety protection solutions are the answer—no exceptions.


Businesses have relied on CalAmp’s solutions for years. Our understanding of diverse industry needs and our passion to continually improve products and services inspire confidence. A police officer checking a GPS location on his way to a crisis event; a driver awarded for a perfect record; a manager alerted through her mobile device to a potential problem in a gas pipeline—these are all the result of a CalAmp relationship.

On the road, on the rails or at job sites, CalAmp’s integrated safety solutions keep your employees informed and reduce the risks of collision and injury. Machines, devices and people can communicate seamlessly, with no time lost. Public, private or cloud—the messages will be clear, accurate, complete and secure.

Vehicles are the top safety vulnerability. Cutting risks can be as clear as solutions that allow drivers to keep their eyes on the road and their hands on the wheel—not scrambling for directions or a cell phone. CalAmp’s FleetOutlook mapping and alerts provide true transparency. If a service truck is involved in an accident, the dispatcher can give the exact location of the vehicle to any 911 operator, pinpointing relief to just where the driver needs assistance.

Fleet visibility has become increasingly important to ensuring high service levels and driver safety. Having accurate data can help businesses reduce speeding incidents or limit use of company vehicles on nights and weekends. CalAmp’s vehicle location systems also help track, identify and correct at-risk driving behaviors, such as speeding and reckless driving. As an added bonus, oftentimes insurance companies will reduce the cost of premiums for good driving behaviors.