Monitor Fixed Assets

Cost effectively monitoring remote fixed assets is at the heart of many industries.  Long past is the time when routine inspections were used to verify the operations of complex remote machinery. Today you need to see miles across mountains or into the heart of massive and complex machinery, detecting and repairing impending problems before they become costly disasters in real-time.


The Challenge

It's the ideal in all walks of business and of life: Head off a problem before it gets started. In your industry, how do you monitor fixed assets, the key to getting to that ideal?


But remote locations of utility or water plants, sensitive machinery with parts and functions that are difficult to access, aging infrastructure, harsh deserts or icy coastlines—these are everyday challenges to those in industries such as utilities, oil and gas, water and wastewater, and more.

And the wireless technology that serves as the eyes and ears in these environments must be as robust and reliable as it is precise. A small problem can escalate to a life-threatening emergency. Long-term damage to fixed assets and replacement and repair costs are just the start. Far-reaching effects range from a flood of customer service complaints to interruption of critical services.

The Solutions

Organizations in a broad cross-section of industries rely on CalAmp to ensure the reliable, continuous flow of their vital data. Connecting fixed and wireless devices enables the operation of remote sites, facilitates efficient dispatch of resources in the field, and contributes to the safety and effectiveness of critical operations ranging from fire and police to utility maintenance.


With CalAmp solutions, communication stretches from the mobile worker in the field to the innards of a crucial piece of maintenance software—extending your eyes, ears and hands while empowering your team to make the best fix, whether that’s a remote repair or a personnel dispatch.

In addition to monitoring performance remotely, our asset tracking application ensures your gear stays where it’s supposed to. With a variety of powered and battery-powered devices with integrated cellular and GPS functionality CalAmp delivers daily position updates to verify asset location. You’ll receive alerts if the asset moves unexpectedly, reducing losses from theft from the job site. If theft does occur, our GPS functionality increases recovery potential—and makes recovery faster.

And our devices stand up to conditions in the field—they’re rugged enough to deliver accurate, secure data under tough conditions. Our sturdy units track and protect your assets for up to seven years on one field-replaceable battery.

All the while, our solutions aren’t only collecting data, they are the gateway to command-and-control of the remote assets. Changing settings and updating firmware can all be done over-the-air using CalAmp technology—to empower businesses and municipalities to evaluate performance and execute smart strategies for the long term.