cost reductions

Are the rising costs of gasoline eroding your profit margins? Are you paying too much money in overtime expenses or high insurance rates due to aggressive driving?


The Challenge

For fleet operators, fuel, vehicle maintenance and overtime expenses are all part of the job. With so many moving pieces, how do you stay on budget?


Every time a vehicle hits the road, the expenses start accumulating. Inefficient routes. Poor dispatching. Unnecessary idling. Side jobs. Multiply this one vehicle by dozens or, in the case of some fleets, hundreds, and the costs become considerable. Market variability makes the challenge harder. Prices go up, but the basic operational demands of your fleet remain the same.

The Solutions

With our innovative approach to mobile workforce management, CalAmp puts you in charge of what you can control: behaviors that increase fuel efficiency and decrease operating expenses.


Award-winning fleet management tools support fuel efficiency at all levels. Dispatchers can identify the shortest, most fuel-efficient routes and assign a new job to the closest vehicle. Managers are alerted to behaviors—like speeding or off-hours usage—that drain a vehicle’s tank and your company’s gasoline budget.

With in-cab navigation and mobile apps, drivers get turn-by-turn directions delivered straight to their mobile phones, eliminating idling and back-tracking. Meanwhile, dashboards and reports deliver company executives the eagle-eye view they need to identify areas of waste and potential savings.

Finally, by providing reliable two-way connections between the field and office, CalAmp’s in-vehicle network, satellite and wireless communications options keep everyone pointed in the right direction toward behaviors that build informed, fuel-efficient fleet operations.