Asset Tracking and Recovery

Valuable assets aren’t just behind the four office walls anymore. Today’s businesses must fully secure a wide range of assets, from vehicles to mechanical equipment, in locations all over the globe.


The Challenge

Do you have the ability to locate your assets in real time, to control inventory, prevent theft and dispatch to the nearest resource?


When fixed and mobile assets alike are part of your business, knowing precisely where they are and whether they’re secure makes a big bottom-line difference. There are the overt threats of theft, deliberate damage, vandalism or security compromises. Misrouting, driver or dispatcher error, misplacement of equipment at remote job sites—such accidental incidents can be just as damaging to efficiency.

Today’s diverse job sites and required travel and logistics mean your assets are in environments where people come and go, weather conditions can be harsh and all the workers are moving at top speed. Tracking and recovery require robust, rugged and flexible solutions.

The Solutions

CalAmp scores first with efficiency: For instance, our remote monitoring systems allow dispatchers and managers to track mobile and stationary assets on the same display—eliminating the need to operate two different systems and simplifying  daily activities.


Flexible and fully integrated, CalAmp’s intuitive interface shows you exactly where your assets are—in real time. Our integrated cellular and GPS functionality sends daily position updates as well as exception alerts if your equipment moves unexpectedly. CalAmp’s solutions save time for managers and supervisors, allowing them to continuously track and inventory all assets in the field without work holdups or extra steps.

Users have found that monitoring equipment remotely in real time has decreased incidences of theft. But if theft does occur, our GPS functionality increases recovery potential—and makes recovery faster.

And our devices stand up to conditions in the field: they’re rugged enough to deliver accurate, secure data under toughest of conditions.