From crisis response to everyday customer service, anytime/anywhere communication and access is the new normal. Tackling your biggest issues and gaining an advantage, however, requires going beyond the baseline.


The Challenge

How do you effectively communicate with your mobile workforce and your fixed assets in the field?


Can a driver access a full company dispatch schedule on the road? Can supervisors at the office detect a problem in a remote utility plant miles away—and then get the historic usage data to analyze its severity? Can a police officer or firefighter rely on a GPS coordinate while racing to an emergency?

These capacities are part of the true scope of today’s anytime/anywhere communications. It means more than point-to-point messages. It means comprehensive access to essential data, mapping and messaging that stands up under any environmental factors and communication that’s not just mobile, but on-the-fly.

The Solutions

CalAmp keeps the people and machines in your enterprise communicating, whenever and wherever they need to connect.


Our industrial hardware and wireless routers for field and remote communications fill the need for robust and reliable communication. Fast and reliable, and with options for dual mode LTE, you’ll never be without coverage.

Communication capacities integrated with our award-winning fleet management tools means drivers and vehicles send messages and data to managers automatically, showing them in real time how long was spent at each appointment. Dispatchers can see which drivers are free for additional work and assign jobs on-the-fly.

Mobile apps enable fast communication at the office, on the road or anywhere in between, while drivers can receive assignments, messages and turn-by-turn directions on their mobile devices. Two-way messaging and in-cab navigation solutions further improve productivity—allowing you to complete more jobs in a timely manner with the assets you have available.