Public Safety Communications

When it comes to public safety, each group needs to be able to communicate with its own team as well as coordinate with other groups. For example, in some areas, there may be one dispatch for emergency services and another for law enforcement. In another situation, a town’s central dispatch is able to coordinate all …

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Blind spots typically increase the risk of dangerous situations such as a blind curve, an unprotected quarterback or an unknown situation. We mitigate some of the unknown with mirrors, backup cameras or an offensive tackle for blindsides. When dealing with unfamiliar conditions, information is the key to reducing the chance of something going wrong. Telematics …

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In previous posts, we’ve discussed the importance of tools like vehicle area networks for first responders. This time, we’ll go into a bit more detail about the first link in the situational awareness chain: the cellular broadband router itself. The amount of data required by police officers and other personnel continues to grow. Long ago, …

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You might consider CalAmp to be a hardware-only company. Yet, did you know that we have over 480,000 unique software application subscribers? Our software is used for device management, fleet management, vehicle finance assurance, supply chain integrity and more. Our APIs enable integration with third-party business solutions. CalAmp has a comprehensive set of developer tools …

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Our cities and towns along with our vehicles are becoming more connected every day. There are beacons being added in retail locations and Wi-Fi enabled streetlights being installed. Personal cars can increasing do more things with their connection to the internet and themselves. It is no different for workforce vehicles. The vehicle area networks can …

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Keeping networks secure is a hot topic these days. It almost seems like a weekly news story – another organization has their network hacked. While no system is a 100% “hack-proof,” you can make your company and systems a harder target. If you utilize (licensed, UHF, or VHF) narrowband routers for communications, one way to …

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Vehicle Area Networks: The Edge is Moving

  • August 31, 2016
  • Peter Byrne

By now, you’ve heard about analytics at the edge. Smaller, cheaper, more powerful computing devices are becoming ubiquitous, leading to a revolution in how data is processed. It is no longer necessary to backhaul everything for analysis at a central location. The increasing power of edge computing makes it possible to collect and analyze ever-increasing …

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My apologies to Shakespeare. And it’s really not an unanswered question since 2G service is reaching obsolescence as of January 2017. Read our blog about it: 2G Sunset: Now Is The Time To Prepare. Below is an excerpt: “As you may know, the 2G GPRS networks in the U.S. are being shut down because of …

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Emergency events, while unplanned, are a part of life – from manmade to natural disasters to an animal in a well. Often overlooked, yet essential to getting the situation handled, is how your mission-critical information (communications and data) gets delivered in real-time. The National Emergency Number Association estimates that there are 240 million 9-1-1 calls …

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