Supply Chain Risk

Running a business by design has risks. Depending on the scale, the outcome from risk has the potential to ripple from only a minor setback to a major disruption. Companies are always seeking solutions to minimize the chance of an impact on the bottom line. It is no different for supply chain organizations. Some industry …

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CalAmp is pleased to now announce our FY18 Worldwide Channel Salesperson Incentive Program CalAmp highly values our Channel Sales Partners, and their sales teams, for their hard work in promoting and supporting CalAmp products and solutions. To encourage a strong network, our Channel Salesperson Incentive Program was implemented to recognize our top channel sales associates …

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A quickly approaching government mandate on electronic logging devices (ELDs) is coming to a head in December, but instead of dreading the red tape, trucking companies should be strategizing on how it can give them some extra green. By Dec. 18, the majority of heavy-duty commercial trucking operations that haul between state lines must log …

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Why You Need More Than Big Data

  • November 02, 2017
  • Brian B.

Big data has been much ballyhooed as the cure for many problems. However, when you look at the definition, the term data is simply “factual information (such as measurements or statistics) used as a basis for reasoning, discussion, or calculation” according to Merriam-Webster dictionary. Big data is static unless you have a way to process, …

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It is an entrepreneurial time with creators and developers building and designing for the on-demand and connected economies. You may even have a current solution that you want to enhance to remain competitive. There is no need to incorporate inferior devices or software into your ecosystem. Consider CalAmp’s Channel Partner and Solution Provider here program. …

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The amount of condition-sensitive cargo is growing due to tailored pharmaceuticals, increased demand for fresh produce and more last mile deliveries (grocery and restaurant). The logistics and packaging have improved for condition-sensitive cargo and the desire for real-time information has become a requirement for most cold chain shippers. Now, it is time to implement IoT …

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When it comes to monitoring hours of service (HOS) in the trucking industry, time not only equals safety, it equals cost savings and a way to optimize your fleet operations. Driving five-ton vehicles over many hours can be stressful and create unhealthy working conditions for commercially licensed drivers. One way to reduce the stress is …

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How Much Do You Know About Truck Drivers?

  • September 11, 2017
  • Kristy C.

The week of September 10-16, 2017 is designated by the American Trucking Association as National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. It is a time to recognize and thank the 5.9 million commercial drivers who keep the U.S. economy humming whether they are delivering consumer goods, livestock, construction equipment, industrial supplies or other essential loads. We recognize …

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One Way To Keep Your IoT Devices Healthy

  • August 30, 2017
  • Kristy C.

Last year, a Gartner study forecast that there would be 20 billion IoT devices in use by 2020. The report noted 1.2 billion would be for industrial uses. Enterprise infrastructures will need to integrate legacy systems with the new devices and possibly expand the capacity of their networks. The merged solution will require occasional maintenance …

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Companies such as retailers and automobile manufacturers have slowly been imposing stricter delivery windows. They realize that early and late arrivals affect their bottom line, customer satisfaction and increase the risk of theft. Many have fines in place for missing the target date period. For example, in July, Wal-Mart notified its suppliers of the new …

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