Service-focused fleets use various systems to manage their appointments, routing and vehicles. Government fleets and public works departments have an added layer of the public wanting to know where their vehicles are and wanting to have issues resolved quickly. For both cases, a full-stack telematics solution provides data on vehicle health metrics, locations, driver messaging …

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Blind spots typically increase the risk of dangerous situations such as a blind curve, an unprotected quarterback or an unknown situation. We mitigate some of the unknown with mirrors, backup cameras or an offensive tackle for blindsides. When dealing with unfamiliar conditions, information is the key to reducing the chance of something going wrong. Telematics …

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This week is Drive Safely Work Week™ (DSWW), an annual campaign sponsored by the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety (NETS). Safe driving should be a habit. However, in case issues do arise with your fleet staff, here is some data on how poor driving affects your bottom line. There is also a way to …

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Smart Fleets In The City

  • August 15, 2017
  • Kristy C.
8.15-Blog-1 defines public works as “public facilities and improvements financed by the government for the public good.” These departments are the unsung heroes of the city. Staff helps build and maintain society’s infrastructure ranging from roads to hospitals to waste management. With all the talk about smart cities, spaces that are connected and communicating information, …

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One of Molly Maid’s franchises in Texas wanted to improve its customer experience and encourage loyalty. A consumer has a lot of choices for residential cleaning – how do you stand out? Poor service is a major reason why residential services, such as cleaning, lose business. On time arrivals has a huge impact on creating …

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Emergency events, while unplanned, are a part of life – from manmade to natural disasters to an animal in a well. Often overlooked, yet essential to getting the situation handled, is how your mission-critical information (communications and data) gets delivered in real-time. The National Emergency Number Association estimates that there are 240 million 9-1-1 calls …

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